As far back as I can remember, I have been interested in people’s inner lives. Why we do the things we do, how our thoughts and feelings affect our daily decisions? What are dreams and do we receive similar symbolic communication at times other than sleep?

Grappling with these questions lead me to become a therapist. I have been a psychotherapist since 2003, working with adult individuals and couples. I love assisting others in knowing themselves better.

Shortly after my psychology training, I met with homeopathy through a friend. At that point, I had been in my own therapy for a while but I was amazed at the healing I got from homeopathy. It was as if I became a better version of myself!

Homeopathy made me realize a truth I held deeply, with more conviction: what is inside of us has a correspondence in the outer world. Many teachings have said this truth before. What is unique is that, in homeopathy we are able to find the unique substance to a specific person, prepare this substance in an energetic matter and match the two.

In simpler terms, this means: there is something in nature which mirrors who we are. If we take it prepared in the homeopathic way, we would get the energy of that substance. This would match our own energy and this interchange would have a healing effect on the body, behavior, soul, our conscious mind and the unconscious.

This fascinated me and I started studying homeopathy along with completing my hours to sit for my MFT exam. Homeopathy aids in better understanding of people’s psychology and psychology helps in my understanding of homeopathy better.

I am from Turkey and I have been living in San Francisco for the last 11 years. I continue my own self development through therapy, homeopathy, consultation, classes, seminars, volunteering, yoga and Vipassana meditation. I now live in Ankara, Turkey.