I love working with couples! I use a model which suggests we are trying to work out our wounds from earlier relationships in our current intimate relationships. In therapy, we look at how and why each person does that. After identifying ways of interacting, we also look at how these behaviors affect the partner. Everyone is different but couples usually get into their own predictable cycles of communication; fighting and resolving issues. Once these cycles are conscious it gets much easier to navigate them and find different ways of interacting.

Many couples complain they are aware of the problematic issues, however during a fight, they can’t help themselves but say or do things that hurt the other. The model I work from; suggests specific ways of catching ourselves in the middle of these moments.

I have experience working with couples from different cultures and any sexual orientation.

Couples, may request longer sessions than 50 minutes. This is not a requirement, many couples come once a week for 50 minutes and still benefit. I adjust my fee accordingly and decide on a fee with clients.

Book Suggestions for Couples

Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose by Ayala Malach Pines

Hold me Tight by Sue Johnson

Undefended Love by Marlena Lyons and Jett Psaris