Is homeopathy herbal medicine?

No. Homeopathic remedies are different from herbs in two ways: what they are made of and how they are prepared.

Homeopathic remedies are made from minerals, plants and animals. While some plants and herbs used in herbal medicine, may also be made into homeopathic remedies, their preparation is different and remedies are only energetic.

Do I have to believe in homeopathy for it to work?

No, you don’t. The correct remedy will work whether you believe in it or not.

However, I believe power of thought and intention can support or hinder any form of help we receive.

Is homeopathy enough by itself? How can a few little pills help me?

For many ailments, yes, homeopathy is enough by itself. Depending on the nature of the complaint, a person may need different and/or additional support.

For example, if we break an arm, homeopathic remedies will help with swelling, pain and healing the bone. However, we need to go to a doctor first, to make sure it is set and casted properly.

If we are suffering from a psychological issue, homeopathy can help resolve it. But in some cases, we may also need the help of a trained psychotherapist.

Why would I see a homeopath, can’t I do this on my own?

Some acute ailments such as colds, rashes, fevers, sprains, bruises and others may be dealt with over the counter remedies. There are many remedies and books available at health stores and markets for self healing.

I would recommend going to a homeopath, even for minor problems, since this may result in the overall constitution getting stronger and having less health issues in the longer run.

Problems that are longer term, more psychological in nature, which had not gotten better by other modalities in the past, would need to be seen by a homeopath. Homeopaths are trained to pay attention to many layers of experience at once. Also, it would be hard for us to see our own unconscious and choose a remedy for ourselves.

Do I need to change my life style for it to work?

You don’t need to change anything to use homeopathy.

The answer to this question, depends on a particular lifestyle and complaint. Most of the time, homeopathy can be adjusted to fit in someone’s life. Occasionally, homeopaths may suggest minor changes or tools that may aid in healing. It is always up to the client to follow recommendations or not.

Usually, clients are told not to make any changes, especially at the beginning  to see the full effects of the remedy.

What about things that interfere with remedies? I heard that you not supposed to drink coffee?

Every homeopath has a different point of view on what should or not be used while taking remedies. You may have seen or heard a long list of things to avoid. Please listen to your own practitioner’s suggestions.

Remedies are very powerful and not easily affected by other substances. I know many people who drink coffee regularly and continue to benefit from homeopathy.


Can I take remedies if I am also taking medication from my physician?

Because remedies are energetic, they can be safely taken with medications.