There are many different ways of doing therapy. My theoretical approach is psychodynamic. Many different theories fall under this umbrella term. It means I am interested in the unconscious, finding the root cause of problems rather than merely trying to change thinking or behavioral patterns.

During therapy, I have an empathetic but neutral approach. Contrary to popular belief, neutral doesn’t mean “she who doesn’t talk” or “ just smiles and nods”. Being neutral is not having an agenda or stake at client’s choices. I am here to help clients understand why they are making certain choices, so they can change these, only if they wish to do so.

From what a client describes, I may offer interpretations, ask questions, make clarifications or suggest new ways of looking at a particular issue. I pay a lot of attention to dreams, because dreams are important ways to get to our unconscious.

I have experience working with couples, trauma, PTSD, abusive relationships, cultural issues, substance abuse and addiction, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

I work with adults only, doing individual and couples therapy. I can refer anyone who is looking for a child therapist to trusted colleagues.

I see clients for 50 minutes, once a week or more often. (Couples may be seen longer than 50 minutes)