When clients are seeing a homeopath and coming to me for therapy, I remain in a consultative role and support homeopath’s care. I may be a resource for the homeopath in terms of remedy ideas but I stay out the homeopathic relationship.

I also offer consultation to homeopaths regarding client care, management and mental health questions.

Complementary practitioners may be unfamiliar with depth therapy. I believe one reason for this is because there are so many different theories of psychology. Complaints I hear from colleagues are about therapy not going deep enough, people getting stuck in their problems and treatment being one sided.

In reality, psychology is a much more holistic field than most people think. Therapists have a 5 Axis diagnosing system that takes into account, not only someone’s mental health but also their physical health, current resources and functioning, as well as significant life circumstances

Psychodynamic therapy is a very deep modality, it touches the unconscious and transforms lives. Carl Jung paid a lot of attention to symbols and wrote at length about alchemy. His theory is very parallel to homeopathic thinking.

Book Suggestions for the Curious

Between Therapist and Client by Michael Kahn
Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy by Jane Cicchetti
Alchemy by Marie- Louise von Franz

Education and Experience

– Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, San Francisco CA: 2006-2008
Teachers: Richard Pitt and Iris Ratowsky

– Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy, Berkeley, CA: 2008-2009
Teacher: Iris Ratowsky

– I have been the Clinic Coordinator for BIH since 2009. Even though I was trained classically, I am interested in Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation method.  I continue self development in these subjects and try to integrate these approaches in to my practice.